Clement Mangwiro

Phd Candidate


Twitter: @tawonanyika

Supervisors: Prof. John S. Terblanche, Prof.­­ John Hargrove, Prof. Glyn A. Vale


My research interests are in Livestock health and production in general and particularly vector borne diseases such as tsetse transmitted trypanosomiasis.  I am interested in understanding the disease transmission dynamics in different habitats especially in recent years and try to estimate through modeling the likely habitats and foci in future.

Project title: Seasonal availability of tsetse in areas where climate change might increase the risk of human trypanosomiasis

Project Aims:

  • To evaluate the distribution of tsetse flies in different habitats and different seasons.
  • To evaluate the host availability and feeding patterns of tsetse flies in different habitats.
  • To compare the genotypes of tsetse flies in different Loci of the study area.
  • To evaluate the infection rates of tsetse flies in different habitats, hosts and time of year.
  • To estimate the distribution of flies when climatic conditions change