Erika Opperman 2017-02-20T20:39:38+00:00

Erika Opperman

Masters student


Supervisor: John S. Terblanche


Project title: Mechanisms of population establishment in insect invasions: Drosophilidae as a model system.

Project aims:

  • What is the a) basal climate stress resistance and life history values of six Drosophila species and the b) phenotypic plasticity (acclimation responses) thereof?
  • Do these traits (either basal and/or plastic components) change over time under stable laboratory conditions (between the F2 and F10 generation)?
  • Would conclusions about invasion mechanisms (or traits) be altered by these changes, if variation in key traits is detected?
  • In a broader sense, would traits estimated from lab cultures bias inferences about geographic distributions and population dynamics?