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Sinead O’Toole

Masters student

Supervisor: Prof. John Terblanche  Co-Supervisor:Prof. Carla Sgro (Monash University), Prof. Steven Chown (Monash University)


Project title: Testing metabolic cold adaptation in Drosophila melanogaster along a latitudinal gradient in Australia

Project Aim: To discover whether Drosophila melanogaster populations sourced from across a latitudinal cline in Australia show any evidence for the controversial hypothesis of metabolic cold adaptation. I also aim to investigate spontaneous activity levels across varying experimental temperatures as a potential explanation for the patterns observed. The final part of this project goes on to investigate whether acclimating those populations to varying temperatures prior to the metabolic experiment affects those metabolic responses and any potential patterns of metabolic adaptation. This will give us insight into which populations may be vulnerable to climate change and what the energetic consequences of climate variability might be.