Postgraduate Opportunities

We do interdisciplinary research including global climate change, physiological responses to environmental conditions, mechanisms underlying environmental tolerance, and principles and applications of insect physiology to broader issues (e.g. conservation, pest management).

Highly motivated students interested in undertaking postgraduate research degrees should email me to discuss available projects and funding opportunities. A few projects are available which span a range of disciplines and involve varying levels of field and lab-work.

There are also opportunities for undergraduates to gain working research experience and interested students should contact me directly.

Intellect, an interest in acquiring new skills, independence and creativity are key characteristics I seek in potential students. Broad interests, someone who likes a challenge, an open mind, and the ability or willingness to synthesize different research areas are all useful for a post-graduate degree in my lab.

Key research areas:

  • Cellular physiology and stress responses
  • Physiological plasticity in insects
  • Thermal tolerance of insects
  • Water balance of insects
  • Energy metabolism and gas exchange patterns of insects and modelling
  • Biophysical modelling of population dynamics
  • Invasion biology
  • Evolutionary and ecological physiology of insects
  • Integrated and area-wide pest management